Dr. Rachael M. Welder
  1. Becoming vegan was a long process and a difficult struggle for me growing up in North Dakota, where agriculture is the leading industry. Not only were both sets of my grandparents farmers, I still have close family that raise cattle back home. In fact, in my 24 years in North Dakota the only other vegetarian I ever knew was my husband,
    who I converted years ago when we started dating. North Dakotans still to this day believe that all that I eat is lettuce! This was of course one of the driving forces that brought me to New York City, where vegan food is abundant and delicious!

  2. I was in the sixth grade when I first turned away from meat. It was at this age that I realized what meat truly was, and I found the idea utterly repulsive. I immediately stopped eating red meat. My parents didn’t know how to react and hoped it was a phase that I would grow out of. But instead, by the eighth grade the only meat I would eat was chicken, and I was a full vegetarian by my senior year of high school. It was only a year later that I became a vegan (which means that I don’t eat or use any animals products including meat, dairy, eggs, honey, leather, etc.) and I’ve never looked back.

  3. People often ask me why I am vegan, and the simple answer is “for the animals.” Animals are living, breathing beings that can feel pain and emotion, including love and sorrow. Anyone who owns a pet knows how intelligent and loving an animal can be. Farm animals are no different than domesticated animals - in fact, pigs are known to be smarter and more loyal than dogs!

  4. Over 27 billion animals are killed for human consumption every year in the U.S. alone, but death isn’t even the worst part. In fact, death is generally a welcome relief from the cruelty and abuse these poor animals are forced to suffer for most if not all of their lives.

  5. I wish that animal agriculture was t
    he way we picture it in our minds, with Farmer Joe going out to the pasture and petting Bessy t
    he cow on the head, before collecting eggs from a picturesque red barn... but this is not the reality of 21st century factory farming. Animal factories are horrific, disgusting, unhygienic institutions of cruelty and torture, where money is the only thing cared about. The truth is that if most people saw what the animals actually went through before arriving on their plates, they wouldn’t be able to eat their meals. We don’t want to think about these things, so we choose not to.

  6. My challenge to you is to face the reality of your choice to eat meat by watching the short video at http://www.meat.org/. If you choose to continue eating meat after watching this video, then I will respect the informed decision that you have made. But please, do not live in denial of the true suffering that meat production causes.

  7. Just because you look away, the pain doesn't stop.

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  9. For those without a voice,

  10. Rachael


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